Samantha Rone

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Age: 19
Height: 5'7"
Birthday: 5/5
Birthplace: Sin City Baby!
Ethnicity: Caucasian
Marital Status: Single
Measurements: 32C-23-27
Stats info was collected on 2016-04-26

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Samantha Rone

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Answer: Doggy, The Zombie (laying back and being eaten), BlowJob!! XX
Doggy: So Deeeeeppp!
Zombie: Who doesn't like being pleased!
BlowJob: I love having COMPLETE control over someone..... Does that make me a control FREAK?
Answer: I lost my virginity at age 17. In the backseat of a truck. With my best friend. They should write a country song about it lol :)
Answer: 2......well do girls count? lol to be completely honest if i had to round the number it would be 21ish? if that? hmmm I think I'm going to have to sit down and really think about this.
Answer: 1 guy while I was in high school. I was very shy. I spent alot of my time being a book worm and playing sports. Which I played all of them that my high school offered.
Answer: Well being in relationships with just one girl during high school , mutual masturbation was apart of our daily routine :) but I masturbated to fall asleep as well during high school. Now I'm a serial Masturbator ... (Dramatic Pause!) I watch PORN soooo my imagination is lacking. But I do think of alot of sex and foreplay all the time :)
Answer: I have never had a one night stand... FUTURE GOAL! ummm maybe twice last month?
Answer: CREAM PIES!! YUMMY!! It feels hot and I love to feel when someone cums and I like the pulsating. I want cum every where! An EVERYWHERE! But I love it in and around my mouth the most.
Answer: I LOVE BUTT SEX & BLOWJOBS! I barely ever get the time! An I have never done any anal on film.
Answer: Nope unless you call me having a cat at home and contemplating getting another one?? I have dated someone before and we used to watch my porn and other porn alot and we made our own!;)
Answer: Magic? lol Both my parents are very aware of what I do :) My mother supports me very much! My dad is alittle different. The last word I heard him say was "have a good Christmas" in July...
Answer: I was an Honor Student. I love every type of music from Country, EDM & Rock!! My favorite food is PASTA!! NOODLE! I horseback ride, I rock climb, I snowboard, I skateboard, I wakeboard, I hike on a regular basis. An I have loving meaningful facials... lol
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